High performance WordPress Hosting

Your site shouldn't suffer in performance and features just because the cost is right.  Professional, monitored, 99.9% uptime and proactive maintenance is a standard.

WordPress hosting to keep up with your business.

High performance servers, backup strategies that keep them online, proactive monitoring so we know how your site is doing and technology professionals with years of experience.

Server WordPress


Your own VPS Server

(yep, it's all yours. no sharing resources with others)

Many hosting companies place many websites on the same physical (or virtual) server.  Every website consumes precious server resources.  With me, every site gets their own VPS (virtual private server).  No noise neighbors.


Proactive Server Monitoring

(we'll know when something is wrong before you do)

When it comes to technology, knowing how things are running is crucial in order to keep them running so well.  We monitor uptime, CPU usage, disk space and more on every server.  Each metric is integrated with our ticketing system to keep track of such issues.  And we resolve such issues as they arise.

Server Options


Multiple services available

(since you have your own server, why not have these added features right?)

SMTP, SFTP, CMS credentials, SSL certificates, Multiple domains, Caching, CDN,

and many many more....

WordPress Performance


Size matters

(no really, it really really does)

Your site's assets all have an impact on how fast your site loads.  From images, to javascript, they all contribute.  And the more complicated, unoptimized your site is, obviously the worse it's going to perform.  I've built many sites, and through personal trial and error, and much research, I've learned how to tune these behemoths in the best way possible.

Place your site on premium hosting today

My dedication is to ensuring that your site is online, performing well and that it looks great.  Dedicated VPS high performance hosting is the place to be, and one that's a standard with me.