What is web development

Most of the time when you hear someone talk about web development, you think about someone sitting behind a computer typing up a bunch of code and then a beautiful website is born. The truth is, there’s so much more to web development than most people think about. Granted, there may be readers here who know exactly what I’m talking about in terms of web development that includes the user experience, search engine optimization (SEO), design, strategy and among others.

This is exactly what I’m here to talk about briefly.

The human code

Here’s how I look at web development. before I even think about sitting in a chair behind a computer and starting to write code and design a website, I first think about the person behind the business, what the business is about, what their interests are, what they intend to get out of a website, and the message they wish to deliver to their customers.

I truly believe that, at a minimum, the first eight hours of any web project that I do, I spend getting to know the business owner and the business. And not just the business, but the brand. what message is the brand trying to deliver, and how does this message relate to the business owner. these points are crucial in knowing what direction you’re going to take with the design, user experience, the methods and reasons with which you take in your development process.

The objective

Once I have gotten to know the business owner and the business and the message with which the brand is wishing to deliver, I can now begin to dig into the reasons (and I mean the real reasons), why they need a website. many times the answer I get to this question is very simple and straightforward. I’ll get an answer such as, “my website is ugly” or “I need better SEO” or something similar.

you think about answers like these and you have to look at the reasons of why this sort of answer was given. while in short, these answers may be true in some cases, the true reason is hidden behind them. Either they want to get more customers, more subscribers, etc. Which in turn what does this mean? More revenue.

So to go back to the first samples of answers to my question, these are mere milestones for achieving our ultimate objective; which is more customers, which is more revenue.

My approach

My approach to any website project is starting with the human element, that I first started with in this blog post. Getting to know the person, the brand, the message, the culture, and the business gives me a great foundation and a great thought process to my follow-up questions.

Sometimes, getting to the true reason of why someone thinks they need a new website takes a little bit of time. And at times, this can get a little awkward as they begin to question why I am asking so many questions. I simply have to explain, “I apologize for all of the questions, but I’m trying to understand the hidden nature behind the true reasons for the need of a new website”.

It is no surprise by the time I’m done asking these questions and getting to know the business, that other goals and objectives have been uncovered throughout this process. My job is simple, to leverage my skills and experiences to deliver a beautiful website that performs well and serves as an asset in the business’s inventory for growth.

To close up

I want to thank you for taking the time to read over this article. And I hope that I have helped shed light on the process that I take in web development with any project that I undergo, and maybe even possibly have helped some others. If anything, hopefully this article has sparked some thoughts and ideas in other entrepreneurs and business owners in their own journey. Cheers.