When you’re first getting started with creating an online presence for your small business or entrepreneurial adventure, it’s usually a very good idea to start a Google My Business page for several reasons.

Having a Google My Business page allows users to find your business when they’re searching for terms that match what your business does. This is due to during the setup process of your Google My Business page, you set up categories for what your business is about and this helps Google point users in the right direction, IE, your business :).

Other settings that come up during the on-boarding process of Google My Business are things like business hours, holidays, pictures, profile photos, at work photos and posts. Posts are different when publishing via Google My Business because these are short little excerpts that you can post that will show on your Google My Business infographic in search results. These are very good attention grabbers as they usually have a bright picture with a short explanation of what it’s about and you can use these as a link to content on your website whether that be a blog post or a product page.

From your Google My Business dashboard, you can also manage reviews and reply to reviews, manage ads and their performance, as well as your business’s display statistics.

Another section that you set up during the Google my business account setup is a location for your business. There are two basic ways that you can set this up and it doesn’t matter whether you have a brick-and-mortar storefront or you’re an online exclusive shop. If you are an online exclusive shop you simply check the box for, I deliver goods to my customers box right below that that you can check to say that whether you want to show or do not show your physical address. So do not worry about putting your home address here and the Google search results address that will be shown will simply be the city. If you set up your Google my business page as normal without delivering Goods to your customers, your physical address will be shown in the Google My Business infographic and search results.

Another very important reason for having a Google my business page set up for your business is to allow for multiple means of customers to get in touch with you. In the contact details of your Google My Business dashboard you can set up phone numbers for customers to either call or text you, you can also set up email addresses and contact pages. One thing to note about messaging, when customers message you and the faster you reply as time goes on, Google start to recognize about how long it takes you to reply and show this in a little note right below the message icon.

Here is what the Google My Business graphic looks like for Travis Wade Consulting in Google Search results:

Travis Wade Consutling Google Search

I hope that this content was helpful for you and as always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me!