How do you prefer to communicate?

Is your company one that prefers instant messaging or email?  In person?  Whatever the situation, let's deploy a platform that solves the issue around a communication pipeline.  Email services and hosting, to instant messaging and meeting scheduling.

Professionally configured collaboration solutions

I've worked with many different email and collaboration tools.  You don't need an entire in-house IT team to setup a truly enterprise level collaboration platform.

Office 365


Office 365 Email Suite

(The industry standard in business collaboration)

When it comes to email systems, instant messaging, document sharing and collaboration, there are none that compare to the offerings of Office 365.  In-document collaboration, robust email systems, Intranet, online storage and in-house Wiki's to instant messaging and team chat.  There's very little that Office 365 doesn't deliver.


Google G Suite

(The ultimate lean startup collaboration solution)

Google's G Suite is an excellent product for the lean startup and small business alike.  With the familiarity we all know and love about Google products, it's very easy to adopt and use the platform right out of the gate.  Email, calendaring, online storage, in-document collaboration and much more.

Chat Collaboration


Instant Messaging Platforms

(great for quick conversations that don't clutter the inbox)

When it comes to team collaboration and instant messaging, chat platforms have become an almost necessity in any business.  Working with solutions such as Slack, Ryver, Microsoft Teams and more.  Each solution provides their own perks, but all are wonderful in terms of real-time collaboration in the workplace.

Near real-time communication from anywhere.

No matter where your team is or what solution you decide to use for collaboration, I can certainly help you stand up a platform to accomplish you communication goals.  Whether that be email, chat or both.  Beyond text, let's get you setup with calendaring and the next generation methods for document collaboration.